Welded steel structure that is vibratory stress relieved. High mechanical strength for rigidity during all phases of Brake operation.

The Press Brake Body is fully machined with the fixture installed once maintaining overall precision.

Hydraulic Pumping system provides steady reliable operation.

X,Y Axis are motorized for precision placement with axis digital readout

Built-in mechanical block ensures the precision position of ram

High rigidity torsion axis design ensures synchronization

Types of Brakes
There are different types of brakes for varying applications.  The differences manifest in the manner in which brakes are controlled and/or powered.

We sell a variety of different types of used brakes.  Read below to familiarize yourself with the different types of used brakes for sale:

Hydraulic Press Brakes:
The main difference between a hydraulic brake and a mechanical brake is the manner in which the ram is driven.  The ram on a hydraulic brake is powered by either one or two hydraulic cylinders.

The hydraulically powered ram makes hydraulic brakes one of the most desirable types of brakes in today’s marketplace.  Manufacturing applications are often benefited by the flexibility that hydraulic brakes afford.  Hydraulic brakes frequently have the desirable features of adjustable stroke, adjustable daylight, adjustable pressure and variable speeds.  Unlike mechanical brakes, hydraulic press brakes deliver constant tonnage throughout the stroke.  Hydraulic brakes have become popular in part because of their simplicity of design.  This has allowed manufacturers to offer the machines at favorable prices when compared to their mechanical counterparts.  Hydraulic Brakes are also comparatively quieter and have very few moving parts than mechanical press brakes.

Another reason that Hydraulic Brakes are so popular is that they can be equipped with CNC controls allowing all functions of the machine to be fully programmable. 

CNC Press Brakes:
CNC stands for Computerized Numerical Control.  If a brake is powered hydraulically, the valves can be tied into a CNC control so that the entire brake can be programmed for multiple bends with different depths.  CNC Brakes typically have a back gauge that is controlled by the same CNC controller.

CNC gauging offers many benefits that can include improved precision and reduced set-up times which yield higher productivity.  Total controllability of all machine functions yields a safer workplace with better profitability.

Mechanical Press Brakes:
Unlike hydraulic press brakes that are driven with a hydraulic pump and hydraulic cylinders, mechanical press brakes are actuated by an eccentric crank shaft.  Where hydraulic brakes have a fully adjustable stroke length, mechanical brakes have a stroke length that is constant and is not adjustable.  Generally, mechanical brakes are much faster than hydraulic brakes in considering strokes per minute.  Mechanical brakes are known for their ability to maintain accuracy under full load.

Press Brakes (All)
In some cases, a fabricator may not know or care what type of brake they want for their application.  In this category, we list all of our used press brakes.  Here you will find used hydraulic brakes, used cnc brakes, and used mechanical brakes.  For used manual brakes, such as Apron Brakes and Box & Pan Brakes, please continue reading.

Manual Brakes:
While some brakes are powered either hydraulically or mechanically, some brakes are manually powered.  These brakes are usually used to bend sheet metal and are sometimes known as folders or sheet metal bending machines.  They are an economical tool for numerous forming and fabricating applications.  Unlike powered brakes, manual brakes do not require the use of dies which can be costly.  We cary several types of used manual sheet metal brakes; Apron Brakes and Box & Pan Brakes.

Apron Brake, Sheet Metal Hand Brake
Apron brakes are the simplest type of used manual brake. Apron Brakes feature a solid clamping bar for making straight bends.  Almost every maintenance shop or small sheet metal fabricator makes use of manual apron brakes for light metal bending.

Box & Pan Brake, Sheet Metal Finger Brake
Box & pan brakes are also known also as finger brakes.  They are ideal for straight bending as well as bends that form a box or pan shape.  Frequently, box & pan brakes are used to bend heavier material than apron brakes.  Like apron brakes, no assorted dies are needed for finger brakes.

Roper Whitney Connecticut Model 1016 Brake
Length of bed 121"
Capacity on mild steel, 1" flange , With bending bar and angle in place 16 ga. , with bending angle removed 20 ga. , with bending bar and angle removed 23 ga.
Minimum reverse bend(bar and angle removed) 1/4"
Maximum lift of beam 2 1/4"
Front to rear adjustment of beam 1 3/8"  

Welcome to U.S. Industrial Machinery. Below you will find a list of our hydraulic press brake models, ranging in size from 22 tons to 440 tons, 4' length to 13' length. Click on any of the models listed below to open up a PDF quote containing machine specifications, standard equipment, pricing, available options and a photograph.

Our color graphic CNC press brakes can tackle projects that require precision, speed and volume. The control has a 6" LCD touchscreen, controls both the bend angle and backgauge position and allows 10 bends per program/cross section. It features a tool library, auto bend sequence, auto backgauge retract, spread length, interference bend chart, calculated bend allowance, programmable ram dwell and more, and can be used with a removable USB drive for infinite program storage.

For jobs that don't require such controls and benefit more from keeping it simple, we offer MANUAL hydraulic press brakes. These machines have a front-operated POWER backgauge and ram adjust with digital readouts and fine adjustment handwheels for both, making this a powerful machine that is easy to understand.

For any questions you may have that are not answered here, please feel free to call and talk to us at (800) 860-1850. We will be happy to help you size your machine and discuss capabilities.

CNC Press Brake Models
22 Ton x 4' Hydraulic Press Brake
44 Ton x 6' Hydraulic Press Brake
88 Ton x 8' Hydraulic Press Brake
88 Ton x 10' Hydraulic Press Brake
125 Ton x 10' Hydraulic Press Brake
125 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake
155 Ton x 10' Hydraulic Press Brake
155 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake
200 Ton x 10' Hydraulic Press Brake
200 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake
250 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake
330 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake
390 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake
440 Ton x 13' Hydraulic Press Brake

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