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Buy with Confidence

Red River Machinery is please to offer an exclusive 30 day return/repair privilege as standard on any piece of used equipment that we sell, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Red River Machinery will refund the entire amount of the purchase, if returned in "as sold" condition, less freight to and from the purchaser's location. Red River Machinery offers a full complement of cleaning, painting, and repair services which gives you the ability to Buy with Confidence.  Red River makes no claims pertaining to the suitability of the existing safety systems on the equipment we sell.  All "point of operation" safety is the full responsibility of the end user.

Equipment Inventory

We have many machines in stock or on consignment, most can be viewed under power. We are connected with a computerized locating and listing service for Steel fabricaton, sheet metal fabrication and machine tools. If we do not have the machine you are looking for, we will find it. Browse our current used and new equipment inventory by using the menu above click the back icon button to return to list.